Mega Millions jackpot grows to estimated $290 million

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2011

More than 3.1 million tickets won prizes in the December 31 Mega Millions drawing. None of those tickets matched all six numbers, so the jackpot for the January 4, 2011, drawing grows to an estimated $290 million.

The winning numbers in the December 31 drawing were: 10-12-13-35-56 and the Mega Ball number was 9.

One ticket won $1 million in Friday’s drawing.�@ That ticket was bought in Virginia.�@ An additional 20 tickets won $250,000.�@ Those tickets were bought in Arizona (3), California (2 – prizes in California are pari-mutuel), Georgia (2), Illinois (2), Maryland (1), New Jersey (2), New York (5), Ohio (1), Oklahoma (1) and Texas (1).�@

This jackpot has been growing since November 9, when Mega Millions had its most recent jackpot winner. The jackpot has now rolled 15 times without a winner. The odds of winning the jackpot are approximately one in 176 million. The odds of winning any of the Mega Millions prizes are approximately 1 in 40.