News Releases

7/31/2014 Port Huron woman wins $66 million Mega Millions jackpot from Michigan Lottery
7/22/2014 Umatilla Couple First to Win $1 Million Mega Millions Prize in Oregon
7/17/2014 Albuquerque Man Wins 15 Prizes in One Mega Millions Drawing
6/30/2014 Moulton, Texas, retailer sells $33 million jackpot winning ticket for Mega Millions drawing
6/28/2014 Jackpot winning ticket sold in Texas
6/14/2014 Mega Millions jackpot won in Michigan
6/13/2014 Beware of fake lottery scams
5/28/2014 $2 million Match 5 prize won in Texas
5/21/2014 Jackpot-winning Mega Millions ticket worth $149 million sold near Pittsburgh
5/21/2014 $149 million Mega Millions jackpot won in Pennsylvania
5/15/2014 Winner, Winner! $20,000,000 “Mega” Chicken Dinner
5/6/2014 Maryland Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Claims Prize
4/29/2014 Florida’s First Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Claims
4/14/2014 $30 Million Jackpot Winning Mega Millions Ticket Purchased in Los Angeles Claimed!
4/5/2014 Mega Millions jackpot won in Los Angeles, Calif.
4/1/2014 LotteryHUB is Now the Official App of Powerball and Mega Millions
3/26/2014 Mega Millions jackpot won in New York
3/22/2014 $5 million Mega Millions winning ticket sold in Keene, N.H.
3/19/2014 Winning $414,000,000 Mega Millions Ticket Sold In Maryland
3/19/2014 Florida has its first Mega Millions jackpot winner!
3/19/2014 Florida and Maryland winners split Mega Millions jackpot
3/18/2014 TODAY covers Mega Millions jackpot
3/15/2014 Jackpot to $400 million; Match 5 wins include three $3 million winners
3/12/2014 Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $353 million
3/8/2014 At $309 million, the next Mega Millions jackpot cracks the top 10
3/5/2014 Mega Millions jackpot to $270 million; California hits the Match 5 trifecta
3/1/2014 $240 million jackpot for March 4
2/26/2014 Jackpot keeps rolling, now at $216 million
2/22/2014 Mega Millions jackpot continues to grow
2/19/2014 Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $172 million
2/15/2014 Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $154 million
1/18/2014 Mega Millions ticket worth $4 million sold in Texas
1/10/2014 $61 million Mega Millions winners claim prize
1/4/2014 $61 million jackpot won in Tennessee, plus $5 million winner in Pennsylvania
1/3/2014 California Winner Claims $324 Million Mega Millions Prize!
1/2/2014 Mesa Resident Claims $1 Million Second Place Mega Millions Prize
12/31/2013 Nebraska gets its first $1 million Mega Millions winner
12/27/2013 Amy Gourlay is Michigan’s newest mega millionaire!
12/23/2013 Payson Resident Claims Arizona’s First $1 Million Mega Millions Prize
12/18/2013 Georgia Mega Millions jackpot winner comes forward