News Releases

1/20/2012 Georgia Woman Wins $72m Mega Millions Jackpot
1/13/2012 Friday the 13th Proves to be a Very Lucky Day for One Mega Millions Player
12/27/2011 Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket in New York
11/1/2011 Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket in California
10/12/2011 North Carolina family claims its half of $114 million jackpot
9/30/2011 Mega Millions jackpot winning tickets in CA and NC
8/11/2011 Virginia Man Wins Jackpot Worth $107 Million
7/1/2011 Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket
7/1/2011 $35 Million Jackpot From May 27 Claimed By MAIM Revocable Trust
3/24/2011 March Madness in Mega Millions: Jackpot Grows to Estimated $312 Million
3/22/2011 Mega Millions fever grows as jackpot hits estimated $244 million for Tuesday drawing
2/3/2011 $91 Million Jackpot hit in Indiana
2/2/2011 Two Tickets Split Mega Millions Jackpot
2/1/2011 $46.5 million Mega Millions winner comes forward
1/13/2011 Mega Mystery Solved! Lahti Wins Lottery!
1/5/2011 Two Tickets Win $380 Million Jackpot
1/4/2011 $190,000,000 Mega Millions Winner Plans to "Pay it Forward"
1/3/2011 Jackpot Increased to Estimated $330 Million For Tuesday's Drawing
1/1/2011 Mega Millions jackpot grows to estimated $290 million
12/30/2010 Jackpot Increased to Estimated $242 Million
12/29/2010 Jackpot Grows to Estimated $237 Million for Friday's Drawing
12/15/2010 $25 Million Jackpot Claimed in Ohio
11/12/2010 Michigan Lottery Makes History
10/22/2010 $135 Million Jackpot Ticket Claimed in California
9/17/2010 Chance Leads New York Woman to $54,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot
8/28/2010 One Ticket Wins Estimated $133 Million Jackpot
7/25/2010 $64 Million Jackpot Claimed by Los Angeles Coworkers
6/22/2010 Trio Owes New Fortune To Some Old Sports Legends
6/11/2010 Kalamazoo Lottery Club Claims Millions!
5/28/2010 First North Carolina Mega Millions jackpot Winner Claims Prize
5/25/2010 New York Family Collects $64,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot
5/14/2010 Winner Claims $266 Million MEGA Millions Jackpot
5/3/2010 Estimated Jackpot Grows To $266 Million For Tuesday's Drawing
3/12/2010 Illinois Couple Wins $20 Million Jackpot
3/9/2010 Jackpot Winner Claims $134 Million Prize
2/8/2010 Texan Claims $144 Million Jackpot
12/22/2009 New York Couple Claims $165,000,000 Prize
12/6/2009 SCAM ALERT: E-mail attempts to get your personal information
12/4/2009 New Jersey Family Claims $77 Million Jackpot
11/11/2009 Two Tickets Split Estimated $77 Million Jackpot