News Releases

12/22/2009 New York Couple Claims $165,000,000 Prize
12/6/2009 SCAM ALERT: E-mail attempts to get your personal information
12/4/2009 New Jersey Family Claims $77 Million Jackpot
11/11/2009 Two Tickets Split Estimated $77 Million Jackpot
10/16/2009 Virginia Man Wins Jackpot Worth $200 Million
10/13/2009 Mega Millions and Powerball Agree to Ticket-Selling Partnership
9/3/2009 MEGA Millions Jackpot Winner in California Claims $168 Million Prize
9/2/2009 Another Mega Millions Jackpot Winner
9/1/2009 Sharpsburg, Georgia Man Wins 12m Mega Millions Jackpot
8/29/2009 Jackpot for August 28 Drawing = $336 Million!
8/28/2009 Brisk Sales Boost Mega Millions Jackpot to Estimated $333 Million
8/28/2009 Change in Strategy Brings Change of Luck for New York Mega Millions Winner
8/26/2009 More Than 2.4 Million Tickets Win as Mega Millions Jackpot Grows To $325 Million
8/22/2009 Mega Millions Fever Is Hot As The Jackpot Hits $252 Million
8/19/2009 Mega-Exciting Jackpot Grows To Estimated $207 Million
8/15/2009 More Than 1.1 Million Winning Tickets In Mega Millions Drawing
7/29/2009 Two Dollars and a $133,000,000 Dream Come True... in Queens
6/18/2009 New York Family Claims $35,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot
5/16/2009 Two Tickets Split Estimated $38 Million Jackpot
5/15/2009 Virginia Couple Claims $19 Million Jackpot
5/1/2009 Virginia Man Wins Jackpot Worth $75.6 Million
5/1/2009 Mega Jackpot Winners Claim Their Prize
4/29/2009 Mega Millions Fever Grows As More Than 1.4 Million Tickets Win
3/26/2009 Ten Co-workers Split $216 Million Jackpot
3/13/2009 New York Man Wins $26 Million Jackpot
2/28/2009 Mega Millions Jackpot Hits The Boiling Point: $212 Million!
1/13/2009 Craving For "Big Gulp" Turns Into $22 Million Mega Win For New York Caretaker
1/8/2009 Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Claims His Prize
12/12/2008 Group of 15 City Workers Claims $207 Million Jackpot
12/8/2008 New Jersey Family to Enjoy a 'Wonderful Life' This Holiday Season
11/25/2008 Don't Fall for Fake Online Lottery Scams
10/23/2008 Georgia Man Wins $42M Mega Millions Jackpot
10/3/2008 Michigan Resident Is Multi-Millionaire
9/20/2008 Georgia family claims $133M Mega Millions jackpot
9/16/2008 A Small Hunch Becomes a Big Win
9/15/2008 Huge Birthday Surprise for $24 Million Mega Millions Winner
9/11/2008 Consumer Alert: Fraudulent Lottery Scams Circulating
9/10/2008 $24 Million Mega Millions Jackpot Hit in Maryland
8/29/2008 One Ticket Matches All Six Numbers in the August 29 Drawing!
8/3/2008 Mega Millions Unveils New And Improved Web Site