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Media Center

Welcome to the Mega Millions Media Center. Since Mega Millions is a consortium of lotteries, there is no “central office” or spokesperson. Instead, each lottery selling our game is staffed with communications professionals and spokespeople ready to assist you. Simply call the media contact for the lottery in your jurisdiction, as indicated below.

Quick resource for journalists
Journalist resources
Arizona John Turner Gilliland
John Turner Gilliland
Arkansas Donna Bragg
Donna Bragg
California Russ Lopez
Russ Lopez
Colorado Meghan Dougherty
Meghan Dougherty
Connecticut Tara Chozet
Tara Chozet
Delaware Vernon Kirk
Vernon Kirk
District of Columbia Angela Copeland
Angela Copeland
Florida Stephen Lawson
Stephen Lawson
Georgia Tandi Reddick
Tandi Reddick
Idaho David Workman
David Workman
Illinois Jason Schaumburg
Jason Schaumburg
Indiana Dennis Rosebrough
Dennis Rosebrough
Iowa Mary Neubauer
Mary Neubauer
Kansas Cory Thone
Cory Thone
Kentucky Chip Polston
Chip Polston
Louisiana Kimberly Chopin
Kimberly Chopin
Maine Tim Poulin
Tim Poulin
Maryland Carole Gentry
Carole Gentry
Massachusetts Christian Teja
Christian Teja
Michigan Jeff Holyfield
Jeff Holyfield
Minnesota Communications
Missouri Wendy Baker
Wendy Baker
Montana Jennifer McKee
Jennifer McKee
Nebraska Neil Watson
Neil Watson
New Hampshire Maura McCann
Maura McCann
New Jersey Missy Gillespie
Missy Gillespie
New Mexico Wendy Ahlm
Wendy Ahlm
New York Lee Park
Lee Park
North Carolina Van Denton
Van Denton
North Dakota Ryan Koppy
Ryan Koppy
Ohio Danielle Frizzi-Babb
Danielle Frizzi-Babb
Oklahoma Cylie DeBray
Cylie DeBray
Oregon Chuck Baumann
Chuck Baumann
Pennsylvania Ewa Dworakowski
Ewa Dworakowski
Rhode Island Melissa Juhnowski
Melissa Juhnowski
South Carolina Holli Armstrong
Holli Armstrong
South Dakota Wade LaRoche
Wade LaRoche
Tennessee Dave Smith
Dave Smith
Texas Lauren Callahan
Lauren Callahan
Vermont Jeff Cavender
Jeff Cavender
Virgin Islands Brian Gardine
Brian Gardine
Virginia John Hagerty
John Hagerty
Washington Randy Warick
Randy Warick
West Virginia Randy Burnside
Randy Burnside
Wisconsin Communications
Wyoming Jon Clontz
Jon Clontz