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Advisory: Phony Social Media Pages Claim to Represent Mega Millions

RELEASE DATE: 1/3/2019

New scams using Facebook and other social media accounts are fraudulently using the Mega Millions name and logo in attempts to lure consumers into thinking they have won a big “prize.” They are in no way connected to the real Mega Millions game.

One such account, calling itself the “Official Mega Millions” Facebook page, promises a “Holiday Mega Giveback” that claims “Mega Millions” is giving away $1 million in prizes to each of 500 families. This scammer is fraudulently copying official Mega Millions content to make it look real, and is using a Michigan phone number (area code 586) and the email address [email protected] If contacted, they will likely ask for a fee to claim the nonexistent "prize" or ask for sensitive personal financial information.
Mega Millions warns consumers that there is no such giveaway and there is no official Mega Millions Facebook page. Our game is sold by our participating state lotteries, and only state lotteries have official social media accounts.

Once again, we warn consumers that these scams are not connected in any way to the real Mega Millions game despite their use of our name and logo. Lottery officials strongly warn people not to respond. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any website, email or text using the Mega Millions name and logo, please contact us.

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