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Advisory: Beware of Scams as Jackpot Grows

RELEASE DATE: 1/13/2021

With heightened publicity due to a very large jackpot, Mega Millions warns of an uptick in scam attempts as scammers try to take advantage of increased awareness of the game.

We remind consumers that the only way to win Mega Millions is to first purchase a ticket from an American lottery and then match some or all of the winning numbers drawn. There are no random awards of million-dollar prizes and/or merchandise through social media sites or apps, or via phone calls, texts and emails. There are no international sweepstakes or awards. Importantly, no representative of Mega Millions would ever contact individuals to advise them of a prize. If you haven’t purchased a ticket, you haven’t won Mega Millions.

And remember, you never have to pay a fee to claim a real lottery prize!

Scammers are very sophisticated in their attempts to convince someone there is a big prize – using our name and logo, and the names and logos of other legitimate organizations, in order to sound official. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any website, email or text using the Mega Millions name and logo, please contact us.

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